Storage Lifecycle Success Plan

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With an ever-increasing reliance on data to power day-to-day operations and inform decision making, it is more critical than ever for public sector organizations to be mindful of how their data is used, stored, and accessed.

Through SHI’s storage lifecycle success plan, we provide you with ongoing consultative and analytical support to maximize your storage performance and related technology capabilities.

SHI’s six-step process focuses on continual evaluation, planning, optimization, and assessment to align storage with changing unstructured data needs. This includes:

  • Regular health checks to evaluate current infrastructure and objectives.
  • Ongoing capacity planning to project future storage and performance requirements.
  • Continuous adoption of the latest storage technologies and features.
  • Regular roadmap reviews to stay ahead of vendor upgrades.
  • Proactive performance reviews to identify and resolve any issues.
  • Financial modeling for informed budget planning.
With our storage solutions and customer service, our help isn’t just initial—it’s continual.

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